Bottled Water Delivery

In 1980, Rainwater saw the need for 5 gallon Bottled Water in our area, and decided to fill that need.  Our bottled water is manufactured locally.  We take the city water and send it through a 9 step process to make it some of the “freshest” water available.  All of our processes are actually subtractive, meaning that we take out dissolved solids (and extra taste) and don’t add anything back in.  This is usually referred to as “purified” water.  Small bottle water that is made in this way is Aquafina, Dasani, and even Kirkland.  People often compare our water to other 5 gallon bottled water out there and remark that they prefer our water!

The convenience of having our 5 gallon bottles delivered to your door is what makes our water service remarkably convenient.  Whether it is to your business, or residence, we can deliver every week, every other week, or even multiple times a week if necessary.   Convenience can be delivered right to your door!

As a “local” bottled water delivery service, we will be delivering in your city once or twice a week.  That means if you happen to run out, or need extra attention, we can get you going typically within a day or two.  Much more convenient than waiting for businesses from out of town to get to you every week or two.   We provide the best service in the Valley.  Just ask our current customers.

We have coolers for rent or sale.  We stock coolers that allow for easy disassembly so that they can be sanitized with ease. If you don’t have someone that can lift a bottle on to a cooler, we also have bottom load coolers available.  This allows you simply “roll” the bottle on the floor to load the cooler, and you will never need to strain your back again.  These bottom load coolers offer a “self-sanitizing” feature that you can perform with the press of a button at any time you are not using the cooler for 90 minutes (typically at night).